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tv   [untitled]    April 18, 2013 9:14pm-9:44pm PDT

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fish and a wildlife as jurisdiction over the osprey and their obliged to research the issue the case was closed last week and there's no action cabins the port. further the port is doing exactly what their recommended to keep the crane at pier in operation. fish and wildlife service said the juvenile bird or eggs are noticed in the nest their credit card to be active. the osprey will see that the
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pier 80 cranes are not as attractive. finally on a bit of a personal note as someone whose gotten interested in the bird life i was just a few years old. i understand that some people are found this whole episode to be upsetting. this is upsetting to me as well for a number of reasons but i think all of us at the port do take our responsibilities very seriously. in this case it's important to keep in mind that to discourage the osprey from using the cranes while the momentary distraction ultimately serves the birds
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better to go to another place where it's more safe. so with that if there's any questions i'll be happy to answer them >> one question. i mentioned an osprey platform. is there - would there be any opportunity to putting up a platform somewhere at pier 80? >> there are other alternate. there are a lot of high mask letting poles which are i'm not sure how high they were - their
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6 by 8 feet which is the size of an artifical north platform. there's a lot of places for them to take up residence if we could speak to them >> this is obviously we're pleased with how he handled things last year. we hope they'll come back and find a more suitable locations >> they're around we don't know where at this point. >> commissioners the next item is to talk about a plan for our 1 hundred and 50 anniversary we
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will have a celebration at the port this weekend and there's multiple fences so if you bear with me, i'm to list a few events. there's 10 special open houses at maritime historic park will be open for free, pier 45 there will be open. pier 3 the horn blower vessels will be open for free. there will be a special exhibit and tour in the public assess area from the tourism it will be an exhibit to the ports anniversary. our ports 2 1/2 firehouse will
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be open i hope to see a lot of people down there. this is the only firehouse i'm aware of. the san francisco giants ballpark will be open for their tours. the pier 70 noon and believe will have an artist open house at the epic center and the pier 52 club will be open. there will be 3 boat rides the 1 at hide street pier. there will be a public boat tour i'll get a chance to see the port from the waterside. there will be shuttle boat tours
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along the water front. and there will be kaiak. there will be a hunt for free for treasure hunt and bring your children >> there will be four lecturers the first will be at pier 49 about the say lions. there will be featuring michael corbett and an author of the negotiated landscape which i sort of gave that title. and one from a number of other folks who are going to be speaking on the black buffalo
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soldiers of the west coast. there will be 4 films shown. their entitled we're the i w you. the bloody footage showing and there will be foods. there are 56 restaurants on port property i'm hoping you'll get to those. there will be walking tours, biking tours. we hope to see all of you in this room out there enjoying the port you've worked to hard to create and celebrating our heritage. and i'm going to come back with all the people who put this
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together. we'll do it after april 28th >> is there a url where the public can go to get that agenda and a if you go to the ports website there's a one hundred and 50th sf back slash one 50. we're continuing to work with many partners so it will continue to grow all the way you have u up to the 28th day. you have one more item. this is pretty exciting. today, the captain of the port off the coast grandstand presented a certificate of the maritime members.
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there's a group of 20 entities from the san francisco police department there are representatives from private cities is maritime academy etc. i'd like to read the award for sidney and is she in the room? it was printed to the entire committee. the command off the coast graduate of the united states gives this to the maritime subcommittee members for their sustained support of the united states maritime security from july 2010 to april 20, 2013.
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they took a great part in the 2012 america cup and the fleet week apparently the committees efforts not only advanced the safety and security of the marine transportation system but improved the transportation between the government agencies and ultimately harden northern california against acts of terrorism. we're in keeping with the highest traditions of the united states coast graduate it's a high honor to be bestoed on us. i want to recognize this lady as a wonderful partner in this. that concludes my report >> thank you.
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>> no, it didn't i forgot. two other things to mention. so if you haven't seep this great paper called bay crossings. it's a mostly periodical that's handed out in many places especially to infcommutes. so on behalf of us thank you very much for an important recognition of a great day. we also have been widely featured in a magazine it's deposited in hotels around the city and in conference packets.
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we're really very gratified to have the ports longevity but also people who are intbt the achievements and accomplishment of the port >> any public comment? >> i'm francisco. i want to speak a little bit about your one hundred and 50 anniversary. and the contribution of the buffalo soldiers to this area. so we've been working very diligently with our public affairs person renée dunn.
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with the blergz of your director monique. who's encouraging us to give a different prospective to what took place at the ferry building. we'll be joined by a renowned hivenl. we're going to use a portion of his over 2 hundred and 50 photographs that he's allowed us to use and we're going to put our best foot forward. we're doing this because i told you i represent the first people even though i'm not a first
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american they've colon me to be the leader so we need to put the whole history of the waterfront in prospective by giving you the respect to the first people because this is their land. and giving respect to the chinese. and then i'm going to do whatever it takes to give the history of the buffalo soldiers. we're looking forward on april 28th you bring all your friends to give a very diversify prevention so many have contributed to this city and san francisco. thank you very much >> any further public comment? >> seeing none continue.
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>> it's the recognition pilot program for piers 27 and 29. commissioners we're joined today by michael from the committees and if it's all right with you i'll turn it over to them >> thank you very much. it's a pleasure are to be here. i'm the america's cup director. since january of t2011. this is starting july 4th. my role is to give a little bit of a context of the road this has taken to get here today. this stems from the ongoing
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partnership from the city's organization committee. so to take a step back in terms of context what i have felt throughout this effort is to not only put on american people event that saves what people see as a san francisco values kind of event in terms of environmental responsibility and to people who invited but also how this event can create legacies. so beyond this 3 months of excitement we're going to see this summer. i've been really gratified by the types of and it brings a lot to the thinking it's not just a fleet moment in time but will go
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beyond that. back when the host agreement was first signed there was a blue print in that host agreement that the city's costs were going to be put off. and we continue to analyze this going forward. on the capital side one source for the crew ship terminal the port was going to pay for those costs. then there was a eels project and the capital was going to be used to upgrade that project. during - so that was sort of the blue print but we've moved forward from that and the
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picture has changed somewhat. but we've tried to uphold those pillars of how those were supposed to come together. now the final project has been approved and at this point there was no longer a real estate project but we had reconstituted the project around the pillars that remain. so an ongoing tax revenues and the port seeking to do the appropriate upgrade to a be able to host the events. i think the port expanded the cycle of their activities. and that was evaluated through
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the improved use of the ports facilities. at that point there have been a number of agreements about how certain things were going to be paid for during the events and preparations for the events and then on the capital side for narrow improvements that weren't going to be paid for by the ports. those are around pier 29 facility. so together and this is going to be used fulfill looking it now we've seen approximately $3.3 million of costs that the general costs were going to pay from lost rents from lost tenants and other consulting costs.
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of that amount $300,000 has been paid to the port and has been compensated. so what's the next step? after the america's cup events in 2012 we learned what with your not only what with your doing with the fundraising but to bring people to san francisco. on the fundraising front the mayor lee in particular and his staff really sort of working with us and the america's cup committees to understand ways to really enhance the fundraising program. we've seen the needs of the event sort of consolidate as
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this number of teams and spectators have come down but we hope to showcase san francisco for and the mayor looking forward to how this and other opportunities such as this event like the national conferences other things that bring people to san francisco and how can we learn how to do this whole thing better. what we're focusing on is this new civic engagement. rather to the extent we can we can use this to how we want to
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get out of this and with the next bid this type of fundraising has been a real boon. no longer do their questions revolve around this. so with this in my mind we want to oil something we've been working on with the members of the mayors staff and the city attorneys office. and the donations that we have gotten we're hoping to get assigned as the host city.
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the mayor made some comments after question time as this idea was coming together and people let their minds go are we now having companies sponsor those events? we're looking at generous donors from other parts of the cities. i want to pause there for a second. through the course of this role i see the port as this great place but it's a cultural and social history of the city. and i want to say, you know, because the port could use this as a legacy to create its own
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program to help with the preferred maintenance and with open is that a and people learning more about the port i'd like to see those two legacies. with your feedback we would like to work more on the idea and come back for more action later. perhaps i've said fwooch i'm going to hand it over. >> thank you very much. good afternoon, commissioners and exclusive director. i'm the organizing committee.
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we were last on the train when the america's cup turned into town and here we are trying to build on that. i'm going to expand on what we were talking about which is s f joining in between san francisco and to support the city to host the cup. my tried to detail some of this in the staff report that explained the organizing committee is a non-profit that was formed out of the bid to bring america's kidnap here. we have a series the obligations really are helping the city to host the world and principally among that is to raise fund.
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those ducktail the more people know about how san francisco is capital listings on this opportunity the more inclined they're to support the project. we're using 3 funds. from the first two years one is the individual charities that have made donations. we've realized a little over $6,000. we launched at the end of 2012 and earlier 2013 we've launched more opportunities for corporation to support this effort. and we're here to talk about
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donor location. this hasn't been done at the port northerly necessarily in this form and we want to capitalize on this opportunity to see if we cannot create this as a legacy. it's done in many places in san francisco. you don't have to look very far in our public parks to see see facilities named after individuals, families or in some instances local companies that point to support that particular facility. many of you have been to the many exhibit that again bear the names of many san francisco's most generous families. many employ that task to raise the fund. and it can take many forms from
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any think i have that articulated in exactly what we're looking at. specifically we're looking at pierce 27 and 29 as this is going to be the site of the americans cup this summer. those facilities are going to be leveraged for the cup. and we'll have the northeast plaza and park and the other amenities. we're talking about perhaps a staircase or an outpost that would be to be recognized as a donation point. and then sites within the northeast plaza i think there, there are into 50 or 60 benches.
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there's going to be a walkway at setting we're looking at ail those assets to see what would be appropriate and what would the market be interested in supporting. we're having this as a pilot recognition program. we want to capitalize on the interest. again, the port and city have done so much in preparation for the america's cup. there are assets that are going to exist beyond the cup itself for the legacies live beyond that and it creates a place for investment. if it's successful we would apply those lessons learned and replicate it